Recent Medical Device Inventions

Recent Medical Device Inventions

Article by Patent Attorney Stephen Bullock.

Several companies have revolutionized the medical device industry with breakthrough technology. This article highlights a recent few.

Virtual Reality Surgical Simulator

FundamentalVR has developed a way to train surgeons using a combination of virtual reality and haptic feedback to provide the look and feel of real surgery without a patient. The company offers pricing plans intended to make the product accessible to all surgeons.

Handheld Brain Scanner

BrainScope has developed a handheld device for physicians to quickly assess both traumatic brain injury as well as concussions. The device measures and interprets brain activity and neurocognition without invasive procedures.

Smart Watch Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron has reduced the component size of traditional blood pressure measurement methods and has incorporated an inflatable cuff in the watch band. Wearers can take individual readings as well as monitor their blood pressure range.

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